As you know, In my new year-long venture to trade my car for a bike, I’ve been looking for an electric bike to add to the picture and put to the test, showing you just how it’s all possible.  I decided on the Pedego, City Commuter edition, which I found through Rocket Electrics, Austin’s electric bike rental & sales shop located near Downtown - on Riverside Dr. just east of I-35.

After talking to the good folks (John & Nicole) at Rocket Electrics, I learned quite a bit about the electric bike world including functionality, sustainability, power, range, and quality.  I decided to go with the best option for my year-long efforts, and certainly the best company for my electric bike decision (them!).

And, guess what… I just received a friendly text message from Rocket Electrics that my Pedego Electric Bike has arrived and is juiced-up and ready to roll!

It’s black and I’ll have photos soon, or just check this out

So, a little bit of info on this…. At a purchase cost of around $2,500, an electric bike is a fair cost in exchange for all costs associated with personal-vehicle-commuting.  Without being a local Austin Realtor, I imagine the average commuter spends $180/month in gasoline, $60/month in insurance, and $60/month in maintenance expenses.  Keep in mind, those are estimated averages and the maintenance is simply broken-up expenses of oil change/tires/etc, which is divided out over time.

All in all, about $300 per month, before any car note is paid.  At that rate, a $2,500 electric bike would be paid off in less than a year.  In fact, less than 9 months.  Then, one could shove the extra $300 per month into their savings or investments.  Not a bad deal!

Do your own math on that though… Double those expenses and you’d pay off an electric bike in just four months.  And, if your expenses are half that, well, you’d have your electric bike cost paid off in just a year and a half!  How’s about them apples?

Speaking of apples, Rocket Electrics has a candy-apple-red electric bike that is pretty sweet and can be rented for about $35.    That would be a great date for you and signif, cause you’re sooooo adventurous!

14 thoughts on “Just Got Word… My Rocket Electric Bike Is HERE!

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  6. Rick Roberts

    Good luck to you! I’ve done the same thing. I decided to go car-free five years ago. My first step was to get a traditional bike and a gas-powered scooter. Did that for four years and then ditched the scooter for an e-bike, first an Evelo Aries, which I returned because of poor build quality, and now I am waiting for my new Currietch iZip Express police bike to come in . I even surrendered my driver’s license so that I wouldn’t be tempted. Add an Uber membership and a rail pass, and I was all set. I’m about to add a couple of trailers to make things a littler easier, one heavy duty one for hauling my dogs ( and a lighter weight one (Burley Travoy) for shopping.

    I don’t regret it one bit. I see more of my city because I am not closed up in a box, and I am a more mindful shopper because I have to plan the trips. Riding a bike makes impulse shopping more difficult. So, yeah, I hope others will go this route. It certainly would make our cities more livable.

    1. shawn Post author

      Thanks for the best wishes Rick. Good to hear stories like yours! Feel free to post some cool updates on my blog about your experiences so they can be shared and learned from as well.

      “Seeing more of the city” like you said, is a great reason, and I’m enjoying that part every day. If people could just experience it…

      I’ll check out those links for the trailers too. Looks like you’re going big-time on the electric bike with the electric mountain bike police edition.
      I looked at that one and it’s definitely loaded out with high end parts for mountain biking. I’ve ridden bikes for years and I know all those parts/components very well and they’re great for the durability needed on rugged mountain bike trails.

      I must say though, if you are sticking to the streets, I think you’re spending quite a bit of cash, and if you wanted to save some cash and go a more practical (city commuter) route, I highly recommend the suped-up Pedego City Commuter e-bike that I got. Even with the higher 48v set up, it looks to be about $2,000 less than the police edition.

      Of course, I don’t know your plans with the e-bike, budget, desires, etc., I just wouldn’t think someone would off-road an electric to the degree that all those sweet (mountain bike) parts are needed for rough riding. Plus, I know that no mb rider would want to use a 60lb bike as their mountain biking option, so just throwing this info out there, because no doubt that government-issued products are going to be top of the line (and often unnecessary).

      Sounds like you’ve already ordered it though. If so, congrats, you’ll love it. If not, feel free to called John and Nicole at Rocket Electrics to chat about advice on e-bike quality for different purposes. They fly all over the country doing research to only carry the best, and they give good advice.

      Thanks Again Rick, hope to hear some more from you, and definitely let me hear back when you get the e-bike!

  7. Brad Sloan

    I have a City Commuter too which I ride around the DFW area on. I can take the rail to go to either Dallas or Ft. Worth downtown areas. So far so good with the City Commuter. I think it is priced right for what you get on this bike. I have noticed some so call high tech. bikes are way too over priced.

    1. shawn Post author

      true blue, Brad… TRUUUUE BLUE!
      It’s all about whatchya need for whatchya doing. Or, if budget is unlimited and the best of the best helps you rest, hey, you deserve what you want. Nothing wrong with that either!
      THanks for posting. Come back and keep posting on you’re journey too. I’d love to see some pics…. especially a pic of you all suited up, ripping through all that Texas snow yall got recently. :-)

  8. Brad Sloan

    One word of advice about riding in the weather. No problems if you dress for it. For over a year the only transportation I had was a motorcycle and rode in all types of weather. The only weather I didn’t ride in was thunderstorms because your not protected from lightning like you are in a car or bus. Other wise no problems with rain, sleet or whatever. Frogg Toggs are cheap and you can wear them over your street clothes on rainy days. And they cut the wind on cold days. They can be bought at Academy, cheap.

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