Car vs Bike Issues in Austin and how is here to help…

Photo of Bike Rally in Austin Tx at State Capitol for Safer RoadsSTOP BLAMING THE VICTIM!!!

… a guy yells from the crowd at a Bike Rally at the State Capitol in Downtown Austin, as the Chief of Police – Art Acevedo addresses a recent accident involving a cyclist getting hit by a car.

These bike rallies in Austin bring hundreds of people together (cyclists, bike riders, pedestrians, and city officials) in efforts to promote safer roads for bike riders and cyclists among vehicle traffic, which has become America’s primary means of transportation ever since… well, since bikes took second place to engines and gas way back whenever.

Oh, and yes, there’s a difference in “bike riders” and “cyclists”, but that’s a whole other doozy for another dayzy…

So, and other organizations, cyclists, or activists may not consider what I’m speaking of as “Car vs Bike Issues”… I’m just coining my thoughts as I feels like it.  On the other hand, who knows, maybe other people calls it like they sees it too – Car vs Bike Issues!

So, I met at Bill Blome from at Bangers Sausage House and Beer Garden, located at 79 Rainey St. Austin Tx., to share with him a bit more on what I’m doing with my efforts to go carl-ess and car-ownership-less, AND to hear more about what is up to (from a val-prop standpoint in the bike community (that means value-proposition, Migos!).

Photo of Bangers bike parking on Rainey St. Austin Tx

Well, let me first say, Bangers on Rainey St in Downtown Austin is a real treat, especially for lunch!  They have a  lunch spesh called “The Executive” which comes with a Big Brat, an awesome Side, and a Texas Craft Beer, for only $8 and some change!

Sure, you might not want to drink a 7%’er for lunch on a work day, but you might want to at least “try” a new craft beer while you’re there, and this lunch spesh is the extreme value that allows you to decide if you want to pass the glass or buzz it up, buttercup!

See now, a king-size-brat like this is $8 by itself, the gourmet sides are $3+, and a craft beer is $5+ by itself.  So go ahead… taste it and waste it, sip and tip, or chug-a-lug slug because the value’s in the puddin’, but lemme just say this; there’s thirsty folk in foreign countries everywhere (let’s stop talkin’ bout Africa being so thirsty) who would love to finish your pint, so I recommend muscling through it!

OK, well, since Bill (who ate lunch with me) will probably read this, I’ll admit that I didn’t muscle through my full beer, but it was a delicatessen, and I’ll justify the remains as ”pouring one out for my homies”.   Apparently my homies deserve only the best… a Texas craft beer!

Photo of the Bar in Bangers on Rainey St. Austin Tx is all over the Car vs Bike Issue…

Bill explained to me what their position is in the Austin (bike) community, and I discovered that they’re aka’d as the “League of Bicycling Voters” providing a unified voice for cyclists to ensure that Austin’s infrastructure, laws, and policies address the concerns and safety of cyclists.

While they play a large role in increasing bike lanes in efforts of a safer bike community, they also get there helping hands on many other aspects of biking including fun, safety, convenience, commute-awareness, and overall bike-community planning for the city of Austin Tejas!

It was a great discussion and I learned quite a bit from Bill about how to get involved, especially for the AustinGreengo here as Austin’s 1st, Zero-Emissions Realtor who is trying to introduce more everyday people to the fun alternative of bike-commute via electric-bikes.  You can join them and/or volunteer in several different ways, and check out their calendar of events.

Car vs Bike Issues will be discussed in more detail with Austin Greengo soon, but for now, I’m glad to have seen how is involved in helping issues like that…

Before we left Bangers, I got Bill to try out my Pedego Electric Bike (from Rocket Electrics of Austin) so I could get a cyclist’s feedback on the experience.  My feeling is that “cyclists” (not to be confused with an occasional bike-rider) are a bit reserved to the idea of using electricity to propel themselves forward when they have two perfectly good legs to handle it just fine, so I enjoy getting a cyclist on my electric bike to see their reaction…

Photo of Bill Blome with trying out the Austin Greengo's Pedego Electric Bike from Rocket Electrics of Austin

He described the benefits best when he said “I was only planning on going to the end of the street and back, but it just kept going so I went a head and circled the block.”  
Translation for car-commuters who are reluctant to try a feasible alternative to the car-commute:  ”Wow, it got me to the end of the street so fast and effortlessly, I just kept going!”

And, Bill’s final words about the electric-bike experience, via email… “It was fun!”, which to me is good to hear a daily cyclist say “fun” because while bike-commuting for daily cyclist is enjoyable as a lifestyle, “fun” just seems a bit more complimentary to the commute.

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